[Aranym-user] EasyAraMint : a modern OS for Aranym

OL o.l at lutece.net
Sun Mar 30 20:09:04 CEST 2014

I have not develop fully print dialog (only to be able to run texel) and 
not font selection in wdialog

If you send me some softwares using it I can look at it.

> Ragnar : I fully agree with you, and that's what I meant too : No 
> commercialized software are in this distro.
> OL : Do you mean that the last version of MyAES contain all the 
> wdialog extensions for NVDI 5.03 printing panel? That would be a great 
> news. I thought that it was only partially implemented, sorry. As for 
> Bubble help, good idea.
> Martin : thanks, that's exactly what EasyAraMint is build for. If you 
> don't want the apps, just delete them from E: , excepted the directory 
> Tools with contain many system tools.
> Cheers,
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