[Aranym-user] EasyAraMint : a modern OS for Aranym

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Sun Mar 30 20:12:10 CEST 2014

> Martin : thanks, that's exactly what EasyAraMint is build for. If
> you don't want the apps, just delete them from E: , excepted the
> directory Tools with contain many system tools.

OK, I have started trying EasyAraMiNT.
I'm on Linux Fedora, and I tried following the "Installation" steps from 

1. Download and install Aranym

    -> OK

2. Unpack and copy EasyAraMiNT archive content to ~./aranym/

    ->OK. this gives me everthing in ~/.aranym/EasyAraMiNT/
    ?? or should I copy the files from EasyAraMiNT/ directly into
    ~/.aranym/ ??

3. Copy into main folder the config file:
    from /Config_Linux to ~/.aranym/

    -> ?? or should I copy this to ~/.aranym/EasyAraMiNT? ??

4. Launch Aranym:
    from the shell type: sudo aranym-jit

    ?? aranym-jit still doesn't work on 64bits systems
    ?? if I type sudo aranym, the ~/.aranym/config will be loaded
    ?? the files in ~/.aranym/EasyAraMiNT will not be found.
    ?? I guess this answers my question in step 2:
    ?? Linux users should not use a command like
    ?? unzip EasyAraMiNT_b2.zip -d ~/.aranym/
    ?? but:
   ?? unzip EasyAraMiNT_b2.zip && mv EasyAraMiNT/* ~/.aranym/

6. Setup Network
    ?? I am sorry but I have tried to setup networking ever since Aranym
    ?? was first released. Many people have tried to make things
    ?? "easy" since then. But I never succeeded.
    ?? Unfortunately EasyAraMiNT doesn't help much more

    Edit ~/.aranym/Net/atarinet.sh

    ?? doesn't exist. I can see ~/.aranym/Config_Linux/atarinet.sh
    ?? Should I create ~/.aranym/Net and copy it there ??

    cd ~/.aranym/Config_Linux
    sudo ./setupnet.sh

    ?? setupnet.sh should be made executable first
    ?? After that: it doesn't work on Fedora.
    ?? Not everyone uses Ubuntu/Debian (I have no apt-get)

    I will keep trying but I never trust people
    who tell me things are "easy". EasyMiNT wasn't really easy,
    AFROS isn't. Maybe there are still people around who remember
    "Mintnet für dummies".
    I had it installed on my old Atari Falcon. Easy? Not really :-)



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