[Aranym-user] EasyAraMint : a modern OS for Aranym

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Mon Mar 31 10:34:41 CEST 2014

On Sun, 30 Mar 2014, Marc-Antón Kehr wrote:

> It's o.k., but next time, you know what you have to do.;-)

A little history:
My first computer was an Atari ST with TOS 1.04 (Rainbow Tos)

This was later replaced with an Atari Falcon and upgraded with a 
Centurbo CT2b board.

The famous "MintNET für Dummies" document introduced me to the world of 
MiNT and Unix-style tools and commands. After that the SpareMiNT project 
introduced me to the Redhat Package Manager (RPM) system.

When my Falcon - just like the Atari company - died it was a more logical 
step for me to install Linux Redhat on my new computer, than to go for MS 
Windows or Apple Mac.

After Redhat came Fedora, which is what I am still using. Never had a 
Windows or Apple machine myself.

On my Linux machine I can still run my old Atari software thanks to Hatari 
or STeem (especially MIDI software) and Aranym (FreeMiNT compatible 
stuff). I even have the original harddisk from my old Atari Falcon, built 
into a USB box, attached to my computer and mounted in Aranym. Works 

Will people still be using Windows XP/7/8 software 30 years from now ?



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