[Aranym-dev] [Aranym-user] Blitcopy error

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Sat Aug 22 08:08:08 CEST 2009

Zorro píše v So 22. 08. 2009 v 00:01 +0000:
> > I can't agree with that (I created the binary and I tested it).
> Then don't bother you with this problem, if it works for *you*, all is fine.

Not really. I do my work on ARAnyM for other users so I do bother if it
doesn't work for them. 

Besides that, the Windows binary _does_ start and run. It might crash
with certain (fVDI based) setup and certain user activity (windows
moving) on certain combination of hardware and software setup (we don't
know what triggers it) but please don't say generally that the windows
version does not work. I believe you that if you can't even launch the
Mac version (black screen?) then it doesn't work (for you) but I presume
you've booted to the desktop in the windows version so please don't be
that hard about judging it :-)

> > Zorro seems to be a specialist that cannot get running neither Mac nor
> > Windows binary while he refuses to try out linux.
> Are you sarcastic ?

Nope, I just wanted to point out one important thing: if we have about
800 downloads of Mac and Windows binaries just from our Download area
and you're the only guy that reported back the problems with Mac and
Windows then we either have 798 ignorant users that don't even care to
post back a single line "it doesn't work", or you are somehow special
and most (all?) other users run ARAnyM just fine. Let me hope it does
work for at least some of those 798 users otherwise we're doomed with
such user base.

*Maybe* that if you tried out the linux version you'd find out it
doesn't work for you either. And that would be interesting.

Anyway, I hope you see we are interested in getting the non-linux
platforms running better and as soon as we figure out what's wrong with
the current version and how to fix that I am ready to release next
version that will take into account all their comments and suggestions
(chmod a+x for *.dll, mingw, setup.exe including afros - that's all I
remember for MS-Windows, and Philipp's binaries for Mac).


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