[Aranym-dev] [Aranym-user] Blitcopy error

Zorro zorro270 at yahoo.fr
Sat Aug 22 13:19:07 CEST 2009

Petr Stehlik a écrit :
>>> Zorro seems to be a specialist that cannot get running neither Mac nor
>>> Windows binary while he refuses to try out linux.
>> Are you sarcastic ?
> Nope.

So I take it as an insult.

And you are a liar, *never* I refused to try out Linux( and Aranym on Linux).

> I just wanted to point out one important thing: if we have about
> 800 downloads of Mac and Windows binaries just from our Download area
> and you're the only guy that reported back the problems with Mac and
> Windows then we either have 798 ignorant users that don't even care to
> post back a single line "it doesn't work", or you are somehow special
> and most (all?) other users run ARAnyM just fine. Let me hope it does
> work for at least some of those 798 users otherwise we're doomed with
> such user base.

And nobody would have reported the problems if I were not registered on this list.

Because like most ( all?) others people, if a software doesn't work, I put it in the trash... I don't bother me to subscribe to a mailling list to post the problem... Even a 'special one' like you should understand it.

How much active users of winaranym on this list?  4? 5? I reported the problem and Vincent reported the problem.... So I don't need your stupid and useless remarks.



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