[Aranym-dev] NFVDI "soft" cursor redraw with 8bpp

Philipp Donzé philippdonze at gmx.ch
Mon Aug 24 00:19:47 CEST 2009


In my new Aranym setup (MagiC, fVDI, NVDI) I'm working with the  
following NFVDI driver setup:
    Vdi = soft

   01r aranym.sys mode 1024x765x32x72 assumenf irq accelerate xxxxxx

This works very nicely. But when I start to reduce the bit depth to  
16, 8 or even 4 (=replacing x32 by x8 in the above line), there are  
strange redrawing errors appear, when I move the mouse cursor.

See http://xn--donz-epa.ch/atari/software/macaranym/nfvdi_soft_cursor_redraw-bug.png

Does anybody else see this problem?

I tracked down the problem to nfvdi_soft.cpp hsGetPixel():  there were  
many "beak" statements missing in the switch block.... so it's fixed.
Now I'm only wondering what is the problem with NFVDI and 24 bit true  
color mode... I have to check this out too.


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