[Aranym-dev] Autograb mouse commented out? Why?

Philipp Donzé philippdonze at gmx.ch
Wed Aug 26 23:29:59 CEST 2009

Hi Petr

I was just going through input.cpp checking why the autograb feature  
does not work. On line 1005 I see the comment:
	/// disabled until proper appl_tplay mouse position syncing is  

Why is this commented out? If clocky does not yet support proper mouse  
pointer positioning (=force the AES to move the mouse to the position  
where the host cursor was when he entered the window),  it's still  
better to keep the old behavior, i.e. grab the mouse at the window  
position where the Atari cursor left the aranym window.
IMO, if somebody does not like the behavior, he still can disable the  
autograb feature.

Can we reenable this line for a comming release?


By the way: has somebody Clocky running with MagiC? For my setup it  
seems as if it doesn't work. I don't know why, perhaps I've set it up  
incorrectly? I have the TSR in the AUTO folder where it is executed  
after loading MagiC into memory.

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