[Aranym-dev] NFVDI "soft" cursor redraw with 8bpp

Mark Duckworth mduckworth at atari-source.org
Fri Aug 28 22:10:45 CEST 2009

Philipp Donzé wrote:
>> was there a problem? what kind?
> Yes, 24 bit NFVDI resolutions give wrong colors. At least for me on my  
> MacAranym with PowerPC (=Big endian).
> With my "fix" I was able to partly fix it, but only for MagiC, and not  
> for the Icons.
> Am I the only one which has such a problem?
I have color issues like this but I always assumed it was "just me".  
Most of them are pretty obvious problems that I assumed if they were 
obvious to someone else, they'd be fixed.


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