[Aranym-dev] Aranym JIT?

Stefan Kuhr stefanq at arcor.de
Sat Aug 29 19:03:34 CEST 2009

Moin Moin!

You might just wanna try the darwin build, it also works from within  
XCode. It starts an own makefile in which the configurations for PPC  
and Intel are defined, and makes use of the usual and maintained  
(Linux) makefile. Some weeks ago I just compiled aranym myself with  
it, it was working out of the box without any changes needed to be done.

You might want to exchange the icon in that darwin project for a  
release though, it's still my older busy-bee. :-)

Actually I never understood, why to have a different build system for  
OS X, if the makefile can be used as it is. All that's necessary to  
keep that project up-to-date, is to add and remove files to or from  
the project from time to time. But that's only necessary for  
convenience and cosmetics (to remove red links), as the build relies  
on the makefiles.

Is there actually anyone out there beside me, who ever used the darwin  
build? ;-)



Am 29.08.2009 um 13:13 schrieb Philipp Donzé:

>> BTW, I haven't noticed that missing function earlier because we don't
>> use the FPU compiler for JIT anymore - see ChangeLog 2008/12/11  
>> entry.
>> I suggest you to update the OSX build accordingly (you don't use
>> the ./configure, do you?)
> In the Xcode project we use ./configure twice for generating config.h
> for PPC and x86 system.
> But the 68k emulation generators (./build68k and ./gencomp) are called
> hardcoded before starting source compilation.
> The following script is used:
> -------------- 8< --------------
> echo "Compile & Execute gencomp"
> gencomp \
> 		"$SOURCE_DIR/uae_cpu/compiler/gencomp.c" "$SOURCE_DIR/uae_cpu/
> readcpu.cpp" "$DERIVED_FILES_DIR/cpudefs.cpp" && \
> 		./gencomp || exit 1
> mv compemu.cpp compstbl.cpp comptbl.h "$DERIVED_FILES_DIR" || exit 1
> echo "Loop through Architectures"
> for CURRENT_ARCH in $ARCHS ; do
> 	echo ; echo "Building CPU emulation core... $CURRENT_ARCH"
> 	g++ -DUSE_JIT=1 -DUSE_JIT_FPU=1 `echo "-DCPU_$CURRENT_ARCH" | sed s/
> ppc/powerpc/` "-I$DERIVED_FILES_DIR" "-I$SOURCE_DIR/Unix" "-I
> $SOURCE_DIR/uae_cpu" -o gencpu \
> 		"$SOURCE_DIR/uae_cpu/gencpu.c" "$SOURCE_DIR/uae_cpu/readcpu.cpp"
> "$DERIVED_FILES_DIR/cpudefs.cpp" && \
> 		./gencpu || exit 1
> 	mv cpuemu.cpp "$DERIVED_FILES_DIR/cpuemu_$CURRENT_ARCH.cpp"
> done
> mv cpustbl.cpp cputbl.h "$DERIVED_FILES_DIR" || exit 1
> -------------- 8< --------------
> As I understand your remark, it should be sufficient to set
> USE_JIT_FPU to 0 when compiling gencomp and gencpu?
> Regards
> Philipp
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