[Aranym-dev] Update for sdlgui

Thorsten Otto halgara at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 6 15:36:18 CET 2015

>This broke USB dialog, "CONNECT/DISCONNECT" buttons should be disabled
>for unattached devices when the number of USB devices attached >= to

Sorry about this. USB support is not enabled by default so i probably missed this.

>I've sent some patches for the USB dialog some hours before you've
>committed this
Yes i saw. But your previous patch did not make it to the repository yet.
BTW when checking this i noticed that- i have to set aranym suid root in order to get the device list, otherwise i get a lot of "Permission denied" errors.- my keyboard appears twice in the list (is that expected?)- i did not try this, but i guess unplugging the keyboard and/or mouse might not be a good idea... is there some way to prevent this?
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