[Aranym-dev] Windows/Cygwin build of 1.0.2

Thorsten Otto halgara at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 9 07:09:25 CET 2015

> Actually, I found the culprit: SDL, explicitly on Cygwin, is compiled as cygwin independent (using -mno-cygwin). This flag has been understood by 
> gcc 3.x but seems to be (as of yet) not supported on the current 4.x Yes, i also stumbled upon this on some other packages i tried to compile as mingw executable in a cygwin environment. Its bad that they removed that support. As far as i remember, on newer cygwin installations you have to install a separate package and use mingw-gcc instead of gcc. Unfortunately that is not supported by the autoconf scripts, and makes things awfully complicated. When i compiled aranym on cygwin, i used a separate MinGW32 installation instead to compile SDL and SDL_image, then copied the resulting libraries and headers to the cygwin directories before compiling aranym.

> When I disable this check (i.e. enable the Cygwin unix stuff)
That does not work. SDL needs a plain Win32 environment. 

In the meantime, i created an 1.0.2 archive for cygwin, build from aranym-1.0.2-orig.tar.gz, for SDL 1.2.15. I just dont know how to upload it to sourceforge so it appears in the files section. I have also written a NSIS installer script to create a self installing windows executable if someone needs it.
Greetings    Thorsten

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