[Aranym-dev] Update for sdlgui

Thorsten Otto halgara at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 9 18:41:47 CET 2015

> My knowledge of udev is very limited
Mine too ;)
> If somebody has any suggestion about
> how to improve it please tell me.
Your solution works for testing, but isn't something that can be easily used in distributions. Having to set aranym to suid root isn't a general either, of course. 

> I'm thinking in developers who> wants to do drivers for OSes running in real machines
But we are talking about USB NatFeat here, and that is only available on emulators ;)

     David Gálvez <dgalvez75 at gmail.com> schrieb am 13:26 Montag, 9.Februar 2015:


2015-02-07 11:06 GMT+01:00 Thorsten Otto <halgara at yahoo.de>:
>> Here there is I think a better solution for this:
> A thanks, nice hint. But i think this isn't a general solution. The device
> nodes and config files might be the same for most linux distros, but
> "aranymuser" certainly isn't, and changing the group of the usb devices
> might badly interfere with other applications.

My knowledge of udev is very limited, that solution is the best I
could reached searching through the web.
I'm going to look at it again but If somebody has any suggestion about
how to improve it please tell me.

>> So I guess your keyboard has 2 interfaces.
> You are right, its listed twice when scanning over the interfaces returned
> by libusb. I don't know why though, it does not have a connector for a mouse
> or anything like that. lsusb does not seem to scan over the interfaces and
> only reports it once.
>> I think showing a warning should be enough.
> Ok, but how to detect that a certain device is keyboard/mouse? I can only
> see that a device may be detected as HID.

Interface descriptors has a field named bInterfaceProtocol, for a HID
device a value of 1 is a keyboard and 2 is a mouse.
In the other hand it seems VirtualBox doesn't avoid the user to claim
the mouse, it doens't even show any warning. I tried with a laptop so
there is still the touchpad, I don't know maybe VirtualBox checks that
you have still some other input device before allow you to claim it.

>> I wouldn't like to prevent keyboard or mouse
>> to be connected to the guest OS, may be somebody wants to do a driver
>> for them.
> I currently can't imagine what this should be good for. That would mean that
> all input from those devices is only handled by that driver, and it would be
> hard to integrate that smoothly with hotkey handling, grabbing/releasing
> mouse and any other integration with the host OS.

Yes I'm with you, I don't find this either useful for a virtual
machine user, but as I said previously I'm thinking in developers who
wants to do drivers for OSes running in real machines.For example
doing an USB MiNT's driver for a trackball to be used with a Falcon.

> BTW, while looking at your patch, i noticed that you now do a
> ++number_ports_used there, but that is already done in
> usbhost_claim_device(). Are you sure this is correct?

The patch also removes ++number_ports_used from usbhost_claim_device( ).
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