[Aranym-dev] Windows/Cygwin build of 1.0.2

Vincent Rivière vincent.riviere at freesbee.fr
Mon Feb 9 22:25:31 CET 2015

On 09/02/2015 18:05, Thorsten Otto wrote:
>> It's possible to build fully Cygwin-aware build of Aranym, i.e. that SDL
>> will use the X11
> No it isn't. There is no SDL build for cygwin. It does not make sense
> anyway, because such an executable would require the user to install cygwins
> X server first.

Years ago, I built SDL for Cygwin.
Now I always build ARAnyM by linking statically with that SDL.
The result is a clean aranym.exe for Cygwin, with embedded SDL. There is no 
dependency to any SDL.DLL.
And of course, the graphical output is still pure Win32, there is no need of 
any X server!

Vincent Rivière

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