[Aranym-dev] Update for sdlgui

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Tue Feb 10 09:07:51 CET 2015

Thorsten Otto píše v Út 10. 02. 2015 v 04:09 +0000:

> I mean that, to get it working, that file should be created when you
> install the package (*.rpm. *.deb or whatever). Also the group
> (aranymusers) should be created then. Im not entirely sure but i guess
> that creating a new group largely depends on the distribution. You
> also have to find some way of adding the user to this group.

That's work for the packages' maintainers, if we agree on a common user
and/or group. It could help for the aratapif as well (if it's used yet).

> > This is why I think is useful to be able to claim HID devices from
> > Aranym, so we can develop and test those device drivers.

> If it is only for developing drivers, then that feature should
> probably not be enabled by default.

I would keep enabled as many features as possible. It's sad when a
project contains many features that are generally unknown because they
are not compiled in by default.


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